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Posted by Joseph Barnes on Jul 8, 2022 8:57:17 AM

The following guest post was written by Emily, about her internship experience with us this summer.

As a first-year student studying Environmental Horticulture at Joliet Junior College, there are so many things to say about my internship with Yellowstone Landscape and how it has helped me to better understand the industry. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t know what area of the horticulture industry I want to specialize in, but I knew I wanted to be exposed to as many aspects as possible to figure it out. That is exactly what I have received through this internship program!

My experiences with Yellowstone Landscape have been a huge step forward in expanding my knowledge base while also feeling involved within the company. I am at the Plainfield Branch in Illinois, and I have felt like an actual employee here instead of a typical coffee-running intern. A huge part of this great experience revolves around the people on this team and how they treat me. Specifically, my Mentor, Amanda, who from day one has made me feel welcome and comfortable.

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Whenever I shadow Amanda, she always finds a way to make me feel involved while also teaching me the specifics of things. She has taught me about contracts, the importance of interactions between clients, how to input proposals in Aspire and what to look for when doing pricings and considering margins. Even experiencing property walks with clients and discussing the best options and solutions for their landscape concerns and needs.


Every manager I have shadowed has done the same, including those I have met from our Field Support Office who created this program and made these opportunities possible. I am very grateful to learn about things that could be intimidating if not taught properly and I am more confident in myself from being involved and given this great opportunity with these amazing people. This is the internship experience for anyone looking for what’s possible in their career in the “green industry” and I highly recommend it!

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