Do you have an interior space that you would like to make more inviting or attractive? Whether you manage an office, mixed-use development, hotel, retail space, medical building, or some other urban setting, coming up with new and enticing ways to enhance your space is no simple feat. You’d love something original that sets your building apart.

Interiorscaping can transform an ordinary interior space into one that is impressive and memorable, bringing plants and natural materials into your built environment. With the right selection and placement of interior plants, your space will become one where people want to spend time.

Professionally designed and maintained interior landscaping is a way to set your office or commercial business apart with a one-of-a-kind environment. Whether you’re incorporating moss wall art, a living wall, tropical plants, or even replica interior plants, with a smart interior plantscape design, your lobby, atrium, and office spaces can be completely transformed. 

But there’s more to it than just aesthetic appeal. Indoor plants deliver other important benefits like noise absorption, stress reduction, mitigation of harsh lighting, and improvements to air quality. Strategically placed planters can even help direct the flow of traffic through a large interior space. There are so many tremendous benefits that accompany an investment in an interior plant design.

The indoor landscaping process begins with a customized design that is specifically created for your building. This includes not only selecting the right plant material to meet your needs but also determining the strategic placement of planters, boxes, living walls, and other natural materials. Once a personalized interior plant design is completed, we’ll transition to a streamlined installation of your new interiorscape. And we can even help maintain your plants after installation with a customized management program.

In addition to working in offices, lobbies, atriums, and other indoor spaces, we also install green roofs, which have numerous environmental benefits including reducing stormwater runoff and saving energy.

When you’re choosing interior plant services, you want to make sure you find a company that gets to know you and your needs for a truly personalized approach. A cookie-cutter design with some ordinary plant material simply isn’t going to deliver the value that you deserve. 

You need a company that has the resources to have access to unique plant material and solutions but who can still provide that customized experience. At Yellowstone, we are the best of both worlds. Our branch managers run their branches like a local business but we still have the resources of a national company. That means we can fully deliver on promises.

There’s no better way to get your commercial property in the holiday spirit than with fabulous decor. Whether it’s a holiday light installation, garland and winter greens, an indoor or outdoor themed display, or decorative planters and containers, there are many exciting ways to make your property more festive. 

But great seasonal displays don’t just happen. They take thoughtful planning and meticulous installation work to ensure you reap all of the benefits. The best holiday decor is customized to the unique needs of your specific property.

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Landscape being a living asset of the community is our largest contract and as such, our Operations Manager spends a great deal of time inspecting the parks and amenities. We have a terrific [Yellowstone] Project Manager who is knowledgeable, attentive to details and works hard to manage the property to the Celebration Standard. Yellowstone has done a good job maintaining our property. I would recommend them on other properties based on their performance in Celebration.
—Suzan Kearns, PCAM,
Community Manager, Celebration Residential Owners Association