Our internship program provides college students and recent graduates with an array of experiences in the landscape industry. We take great pride in the culture of our company, with a focus on people.

We've designed this program with you in mind!

You will be paired with a mentor who will act as your primary supervisor and be someone you can go to with questions or concerns. Your mentor will share their management philosophy and help you develop your own management style. They'll always be there to provide feedback, throughout the program.

A rotating schedule and learning objectives are clearly defined before you begin, allowing you and your mentor to develop a program that best suits your interests and the needs of the branch or department.

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Professional development is an important component of the internship program, and we expose interns to different areas of our business during bi-weekly video-conference meetings and a three-day symposium at our field support office.

We also offer a competitive hourly wage and monthly housing stipend because we remember what it's like to be in college and trying to save money!

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Landscape Construction

There is always something new to learn in our landscape construction internship. You will be part of a rotating schedule that teaches you not only about the many facets of landscape construction but also about the business side. A mentor will work with you and guide your way throughout your internship. As part of your rotation, you will install trees and various plant materials, spread aggregate and concrete, and build retaining walls. Each of these jobs is different, but they will play a larger role when you get to the planning and installation phases.

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Landscape Management

As a landscape management intern, you will have a rotating schedule that will expose you to every component of successfully managing our client properties. From the start you will be paired with a mentor who will provide valuable insights on management philosophy, juggling an everchanging schedule, easing client concerns, and constantly battling the challenges of a changing environment.

You will also work closely with our field personnel and learn irrigation techniques, fertilization and chemical practices, and the importance of safety.

Daily tasks will include mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing. You will also be exposed to the business side of running a successful book of business and spend time with our business development team.

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Arbor Care Internship

As an intern, you will be treated as part of the team with a full rotating schedule where you will be exposed to different areas of our business. You will be paired with a mentor that will provide valuable insight throughout your time with us. Daily tasks will include brush clean up, chemical application, tree pruning for better health and growth or tree removal. You will learn the latest climbing techniques, so you are able to use them throughout your time with us. You will also be exposed to the business side of our company where you will learn bidding, estimating and the sales process.

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Landscape Design Internship

During your time working as a design intern at Yellowstone Landscape, you will be able to share your ideas and creativity with our team. This internship was created with you in mind. You will visit properties, measure planting beds, take pictures for future designs and grow your creativity while working on various projects. Every day will be different, with new and exciting projects to work on. These experiences will increase your exposure to the horticulture environment and make you a better designer.

This internship is ideal for students studying landscape architecture or design. It will help you build a portfolio using the work samples created while working at Yellowstone Landscape.

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Business Support Internship

Our company offers various business internships, in the areas of IT, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Human Resources. Our interns will work with their mentors to better understand the business area they will work in. There may be some travel required to learn more about our business and the connection of each branch location to our central business hub, which will help you acquire a thorough understanding of what Yellowstone Landscape does. At the beginning of your internship, goals will be set and during your 12 weeks you will be assigned projects and activities that will build your skillset and meet those goals.Learn More