Our internship program provides opportunities for you to experience an array of practices to develop your skills in the landscape industry. You will be provided a well-rounded, professional opportunity to enhance, explore and engage in our company. With the internship, you will excel beyond what is taught in the classroom and be given a hands-on, mentor-guided opportunity. You will be a valued member of our team and given responsibilities that will challenge you to grow your skills and knowledge of the industry. 

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Landscape Management

Majors: Landscape Management, Horticulture, Plant Science, Landscape Design, Agricultural Business, or other related fields

In this track, you will have a rotating schedule that will expose you to every component of successfully managing crews and client properties. With guidance you will learn management philosophy, juggling an ever-changing schedule, easing clients concerns and battling the challenges of a changing environment. You will work closely with our field personnel to learn irrigation techniques as well as fertilization and chemical practices.

Location: This internship track is available at all locations – click HERE to see where we are located.

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Landscape Construction

Majors: Landscape Construction, Horticulture, or other related fields

In this track, you will have a rotating schedule that teaches you the many facets of landscape construction as well as exposes you to the business side of landscaping. You will install trees and various plant materials, spread aggregate and concrete, lay pavers, and build retaining walls. Each job is unique when working in the field, meaning you will encounter an array of circumstances and opportunities to increase your skills to excel in a real-world situation. 

Locations: Houston, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Charleston, SC

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Tree Care Internship

Majors: Urban Forestry, Plant Science, Horticulture, or other related fields

In this track, you will have a rotating schedule to develop your skills and techniques needed to be a tree care specialist as well as expose you to the business side of our company. Daily tasks will include tree assessments, tree pruning or removal, brush clean-up, and chemical applications. You will learn safe climbing techniques as well as bidding, estimating, and the sales process used in the green industry.

Locations: Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL

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What locations are available?

The majority of our branches offer opportunities within the internship program but for a specific location check above for your desired track and a list of locations will be available.

For a current listing of all branches…Click HERE.

Can you tell me more about pay, if there is college credit available and how many hours per week will I be required to work?

This internship is a full-time job (40 hours) with a competitive hourly wage. Our program has been designed with specific learning objectives in mind that meet the requirements of most college credit programs.

Is housing provided?

Although we do not directly provide housing, we do provide a monthly housing stipend.

Who will be my mentor?

Your mentor will be a seasoned manager chosen for you based on the location and internship track you select. You will also have the opportunity to work with other managers during a rotating schedule, allowing you to work with multiple divisions and gain more experience.

How long will my internship last?
10-12 weeks is the desired length of time allowing for a flexible start and end date.
At the end of my internship will I be offered a job?

We are always looking for talented people and full-time positions may be available.

Do you offer externships or job shadowing opportunities?

Yes, for students who are not looking for a full-time internship experience please contact us by clicking HERE

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