4 Ways To Be A Standout Candidate In The Landscape Industry

Posted by Alexandria Stephens on Feb 21, 2023 3:58:40 PM

The job search can be a grueling, exhausting process. Submitting applications, researching companies, writing cover letters, editing your resume, and sending follow-up emails are just some of the things you’ll do on your way to getting your new position. This undertaking is bound to make you feel excited and a little nervous once you make it to your first round of interviews. 

You know that you are one of a handful of individuals who made it to this point, but how do you stand apart from the crowd? We asked our in-house, interview experts, AKA our recruiting team, what it takes to be a stand-out candidate in the Landscape Industry. Here are some of their answers and our best tips for landing your dream position.

Be Safety Conscious 

One thing that was at the top of the list for our recruiting was Safety. Safety is one of the pillars of our company and we incorporate it into every area of our business. As a result, you can stand apart if you also prioritize Safety as we do.

Tessa Kolaczenko 2022Tessa K., Associate HR Business Partner, Florida said, “I like to hear what their stances are on safety, how they adhere to and raise the bar when it comes to safety practices, and what they do to help coach others if they see them working in an unsafe manner.”



Have Passion For Your Work

In our industry, we like to surround ourselves with individuals who are exhilarated by their work. 

C Checchi“I “see” passion when I hear the excitement.  I love hearing candidates’ stories about how they grew up in the industry or found the industry by chance. When asking about their strengths you want to hear about how much they enjoy working with people – whether it be crews or clients (all role-specific).  It’s fun to hear how managers mentor and train others to one day take their place.  It’s also cool to hear how managers “educate” their clients (and maybe get a sale out of it too!).  The landscape business is really a people business!” Christina C., Talent Acquisition Manager, Florida.

Rachel Ziel (2)“You know people in this industry have passion for it when they dive right into plants, turf, and trees, and of course, the love for the outdoors.  The majority of strong applicants testify that though they will sit behind a laptop to get emails and other administrative duties taken care of, however, their main love for this type of work is being outside, listening to their client’s needs, training, and coaching their crews and making an impact on the outcome of the work we do – that instant gratification of leaving a property more aesthetically pleasing, or functioning at a level it wasn’t before than when they got there (irrigation, for example). Lastly, genuine enthusiasm gets me every time; the energy of the conversation and the easy flow of conversation allows openness for the conversation to be more interactive, creative, and thus, more informative.  We are both trying to figure out if this is a good fit, and with the right dialogue, transparency usually shines the way, “ Rachel Z., Senior Human Resources Business Partner, South Carolina. 

Be A Team Player 

A great way to stand apart is to showcase how you contribute to the team and how you see your environment. 

“A rockstar candidate will also tell me how they love the industry and how they care for the environment around them. The people and team aspect of the industry is also essential. Not every client will be 1000% happy, so I am interested in hearing how they can deal with conflicts/mistakes and how they fix, maintain, and improve relationships,” Tessa K., Associate HR Business Partner, Florida.

Crew talking by truck

“When I hear someone refer to this industry as first and foremost being a people business, I know I’ve found someone who gets it.  They realize what we do is not rocket science, but it does have so many different and dynamic pieces, that communication is key.  Whether it be with our clients, crews, colleagues, or support staff, we need to communicate to keep everything rolling smoothly and effectively. They get that it’s a Team effort all around,” Rachel Z., Senior Human Resources Partner, South Carolina.

Do Your Research 

When you’re interviewing for a position, it’s essential to keep in mind that you are also interviewing the company to see if they will be a good fit for you long term. 

Ask yourself, do my values align with this company? 

Do I like the work they do? 

Do I like the people who work there? 

One way to find those answers is to look at the company website and social media pages. Once you’ve done that a few times, take a moment to write down any questions that weren’t answered. Turns out that your interviewers really appreciate this extra research step. 

“It’s helpful when a candidate has done their homework and knows about our company. I LOVE when I hear a candidate say “I was looking around on your website (or LinkedIn)… “ Tessa K., Associate HR Business Partner, Florida.

“It’s helpful when a candidate has done their homework and knows about our company. I appreciate it when a candidate has questions for me,” Christina C., Talent Acquisition Manager, Florida.

Crew putting up safety cone

We want prospective candidates to know that there are so many opportunities here. And as our company grows, it only creates more unique roles that need to be filled. Whether you’re interested in sales, leadership, being part of a landscaping crew, design, or even IT… there’s a place for you at Yellowstone Landscape if you’re willing to work hard and be a team player. 

And most importantly, no matter where you enter the company, you don’t need to remain stagnant. There are endless opportunities for growth and you can build a true career and find great success here at Yellowstone. There’s no question that a career in the Green Industry can be rewarding. But it’s even better when you find a company that treats you well and wants to see you succeed. 

If you’re interested in a career with Yellowstone Landscape, we'd love to connect with you! 


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