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Posted by Joseph Barnes on Feb 28, 2022 12:20:19 PM

Yellowstone Landscape is committed to bringing more women into leadership roles in the Green Industry by demonstrating the opportunities available for women to thrive and excel. We have always actively sought to bring women into the company in a variety of roles, because we understand the importance of a diverse workplace. We know that women often bring unique skills and different perspectives that contribute to our success.

With March being Women’s History Month, we wanted to take some time to talk about the multitude of opportunities for women in the Green Industry, specifically here at Yellowstone Landscape.

Women in all Areas of the Green Industry

One of the most important points that we want to make is that women can find wonderful opportunities in many different areas of the Green Industry. One of the misconceptions that we often hear is that women in this industry are limited to “certain roles”, like caring for the flowers or answering the phones.

That’s not the case at all.

commercial landscaping account manager meets with property manager

In fact, we have women in every single area of our company. As members of our field service crews, in our branch offices, and as members of our executive management team.

In this article, we’ll look specifically at four areas:

  • Our frontline staff (in the field)
  • Our operations management team
  • Our sales team
  • Our executive management staff

We want to show the ways in which women can thrive and excel in all four of these areas. And we want to help dispel many of the misconceptions or misunderstandings that people tend to have about some of these roles.

Women in the Field

First and foremost, let’s talk about our frontline staff, which are the people out in the field doing the work that keeps our company going. These roles are absolutely vital to the success of our company and we don’t ever take them for granted. The men and women out on our job sites are performing important maintenance tasks for our clients are the heart of our business.

One misconception that we sometimes hear is that it’s all just mowing grass.

While it’s certainly true that mowing for commercial properties is an important part of what we do, it really is just one piece of the puzzle. We’re also performing vital tasks like irrigation and water management, landscape enhancement work, tree care, installations, and snow removal (in some areas).

commercial landscape maintenance team prunes shrubs

There are many women on our crews who find enjoyment in landscape maintenance work as it allows them to spend time outside and be part of caring for the land—both being very rewarding motivations.

Yellowstone works very closely with our clients, forming partnerships and ongoing relationships. This tends to be something that women excel at, and those that want the opportunity to make those connections often find them rewarding.

Women on the Operations Management Team

The next group that we want to talk about is women on our operations management team. These are most often our branch managers and account managers. These roles are interacting with clients and also hiring, training, and managing the activities of our services crews.

Our account managers are often thought of as the face of the company, because they are the ones who are able to serve as a go-between for the client and the company. We talk more about the exact role and the responsibilities of an account manager in this article.

Client and account manager talking

Women often make a great fit in these operational management roles. Women tend to bring good interpersonal skills to the table and are often great communicators. Communication is something that Yellowstone Landscape values highly.

Women on the Sales Team

Our sales team is a critical component of our growth as they are responsible for bringing in new clients.

One of the unique aspects of the way in which Yellowstone Landscape operates is that we don’t require our account managers to also bring in new sales. We want them to focus on the relationships with our existing clients. So, it is our sales team that is driving in new business.

This is another exciting and potentially lucrative role where we have seen many women thrive.

commercial landscaping account manager and client doing a walk through

Anyone who enjoys working with prospective customers and making personal connections can be highly successful in this area. If you’re a motivated go-getter and you enjoy making connections and networking, this could be a great fit. An understanding of our industry and operations is also important in selling landscaping work, so we do find that hiring individuals with industry experience has been key.

Perhaps you are someone who has worked in the field or in the office of another landscaping company and you’re looking for a fresh and exciting opportunity. A role in our sales team might be a good fit.

Women on the Executive Management Team

Finally, women also make up an important part of our executive management team. These would be roles in Human Resources, Accounting, and other positions within our regional and field support offices.

This is another critical area of the company where it’s important to keep everything running smoothly. These types of positions are the “inner-workings” of the company and they are vital to its overall success.

woman working in office at yellowstone landscaping

Women can bring unique skills to these roles. In HR, for example, we have found that women are excellent at bringing new people in our industry and our company due to strong communication and people skills. When it comes to recruiting more women in the Green Industry, it also helps to hear from and connect with women who are already there.

Any Position Open to Whomever is Most Qualified

The key point that we want to make here is that any position in our company is open to any applicant. Ultimately, we’re always looking for the person who is most qualified.

We understand that the landscape industry is often thought of as being male-dominated, and it traditionally has been. But there are more and more women entering the industry and Yellowstone Landscape is proud to be one of the companies that is really committed to supporting that.

yellowstone employee at office

We already have many women that work for us and have appreciated that they were embraced here. Men and women alike appreciate that we are a company that invests in its people. We want to help landscape professionals to learn new skills and to broaden their capabilities. We also want to offer opportunities for career growth for those who are looking to climb the career ladder. At Yellowstone, we love to promote from within.

As a company, we are frequently investing in improving and that ultimately benefits our team of men and women.

Joining the Team

We would like to encourage anyone who is looking for a career change to consider an opportunity with Yellowstone Landscape. Our record growth over the last few years has helped to create hundreds of new job opportunities and we’d love to see more women moving into these roles that all of our growth has created.

We have opportunities across the country and we would love to have you join our growing family.

Are you looking for a landscaping career at a company where you can grow and be appreciated for your hard work? Learn more about careers with Yellowstone Landscape.

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