Need to Maximize Your Landscape Budget? 5 Suggestions From Our Enhancement Team

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Dec 7, 2020 10:25:42 AM

You know that when it comes to your landscaping budget, if you have money at the end of the year that you don’t spend, it’s likely going to get taken away in next year’s budget. For that reason, you might be looking for additional ways that you can maximize your full landscape budget allocation with impactful enhancement projects.

While you already have certain items that are part of your regular contractual spending, you might be wondering how you can most wisely use any additional money on non-contractual spending. What projects are going to get you the most out of your investment?

The truth is, there are some projects that make more sense to do before others. Many times, commercial property managers or HOAs would prefer to “skip ahead” to more exciting projects like flower enhancements or new additions. But these projects don’t always make the most practical sense if you’re skipping something that’s needed in order to support those more visible future projects.

We say all that to point out that there is an order to the list that we’ve put together. If you’re someone who is looking for a way to best use surplus money in the landscaping budget, we want to make sure that you truly get the most out of it.

Here are the 5 enhancement projects that we’d recommend, in the order that makes the most sense.

1. Start with Irrigation

The number one enhancement project that we always recommend starting with is irrigation. If you don’t have a reliable, modern irrigation system, then this is the perfect enhancement project to start with because it will support many other future projects (as well as your existing lawn and landscape).

We find many properties we work with do already have a system, it’s just more outdated than our clients realize. If that’s the case for you, then it might be time for an upgrade. That’s because if you don’t have a great irrigation system, any other enhancement work that you have completed won’t have a proper chance to thrive and keep the plants and turf healthy.

You need a reliable water source.
Irrigation crew updating sprinkler heads
The truth is, irrigation systems have come tremendously far in recent years. Today’s smart irrigation systems tailor their watering schedules to actual weather conditions as opposed to just adhering to a predetermined schedule. With these real-time adjustments, your landscape is getting the right amount of water, and only when it needs when it needs it.

By using a smart irrigation system, you can use water more efficiently. You'll start saving on your commercial property’s water bill which means that money budgeted for water expenses can ultimately be reallocated for something else.

2. Incorporate Plant and Turf Health Care

Once efficient watering is taken care of, then the next enhancement you should think about (if you don’t already have it) is a well planned and executed plant and turf health care program. If your turf is not healthy and green, people are going to notice. A turf care program that includes all of the necessary treatments that your commercial lawn needs to look its best. It will help green up the grass while addressing potential problems.

Turf health care will play a valuable role in helping fill in brown and thin areas and get your lawn on the road to looking green, thick, and healthy.

The same goes for your landscape.

You want plants that look healthy and green so that your commercial landscape continues to look lush and attractive. But just like your turf, your plants may need some extra care to perform their best. A plant health care program can help supply your landscape with the nutrients needed to perform optimally. It can also help your plants to defend against threats like insects and disease. You might think of it as a protection of the investment that you have in your landscape.

Of course, without ample water, plant and turf health care won’t be able to overcome your property’s problems. That’s why we always start with irrigation first. While these services might not be “exciting,” they’re incredibly important and will end up saving you money, while helping to secure the long term success of your landscape.Lawn care team taking care of turf

3. Add Wow Factor with Color

If you’ve taken care of adding an irrigation system and you’ve already incorporated health care programs for your turf and your landscape, then it’s time to move on to thinking about some wow factor. The addition of color always makes a big impact so implementing an annual flower rotation or the addition of some colorful perennials or evergreens in key locations can make a big difference. These are certainly the types of projects that residents notice and appreciate.

Implementing color at your property’s entryway is where you’ll likely get the most attention.

But there are other key areas to consider such as around a clubhouse (if you’re in an HOA) or any other common areas around the property. If you’re on a commercial property used by employees, then any area that’s used for employee breaks is also an important consideration. With assistance from a landscape professional, you can help ensure that you get the most possible impact out of your investment in flower and plant enhancements.HOA playground entrance with flowers

4. Incorporate New Trees or Prune Existing Trees

Additional tree work is another important area to consider if you’re looking for smart, impactful landscape enhancement projects. Trees can add so much value to a property by providing beauty and shade. But it’s important that trees that are suffering from disease, fungus, a pest problem, or even age be inspected and potentially replaced. The last thing that you want is for a tree to become a hazard or an eyesore.

Of course, total replacement isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, trees just require some pruning in order to freshen them up and help them look their best. If you have money that can be utilized for tree work, you might want to have your trees’ canopies cleared or thinned. Cleaning up your existing trees can make them look and perform better and that means it’s a protection of your investment.

5. Create a Brand-New Outdoor Space

Finally, if you’ve already taken care of everything we’ve mentioned, then perhaps you want to use that reallocated money on a brand-new outdoor space. With more people thinking about ways they can spend time outside than ever before, this has become a major consideration.

If you’re part of an HOA, you might be thinking about a gathering space where you can host activities like outdoor movies or even welcome food truck events.
gathering space at HOA
If you have a commercial property where people work, then perhaps you want to spruce up a break area for employees. Or, if you have a property that shoppers or consumers visit, perhaps you want to consider a gathering space where you can host outdoor music or simply have a place where people could enjoy a take-out meal or a relaxing break.

Sometimes these projects can be as simple as clearing out an area to make for a large turf space. But you might also be looking at enhancements in these spaces like additional planting beds and new trees. A landscape designer can help you determine what will make the most sense (and get you the most value) depending upon how you plan to use the area.

Choosing a Commercial Landscape Contractor Who Can Work With Your Budgetary Needs

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful insight into how you can best allocate extra funds within your budget. We completely understand that you want to have a good grasp on how you’re investing so that you can feel confident you’re making wise choices. After all, chances are, you have a lot of eyes on you.

At Yellowstone Landscape, we are always here to help support you in making the best choices when it comes to your commercial landscaping budget. You can count on us to give you honest information as to how to spend your money in a way that makes sense.

That doesn’t just mean telling you what you want to hear.

The truth is that some other landscape companies might go along with an idea to upgrade plant material without first upgrading irrigation. But we’re going to tell you the truth—that this could mean your plants will perform poorly or possibly even die. We truly want you to get the most out of your investment.

You deserve to be able to trust that your landscape company is steering you in the right direction and being fully transparent about what services need to be performed (and in what order). After all, you want impactful results for your investment but you also want to make decisions that are best for the long term—not just the “here and now.”

By choosing a commercial landscaping company that you can count on to be your guide in the process, you can come out looking like a star when it comes to budgetary decisions. That will mean that your commercial property will continue to look and perform its best for many years to come.

Are you ready to spend your commercial landscaping budget more wisely? Request a consultation today. We’ll meet to learn more about your property and its challenges and come up with a comprehensive plan to take care of all of the details for you.

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