Four Types of National Accounts We Service

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Mar 25, 2021 10:10:59 AM

We find that when people think about landscaping services for national accounts, they’re often thinking about big box stores. But there are many other types of properties with national account landscape agreements that we service and we have a good understanding of their needs.

The goal of landscaping services for national accounts typically comes down to being able to offer a streamlined experience and a single point of contact. Whether you’re a bank with multiple national locations, a restaurant chain, part of a healthcare system, or another national business, we understand that you have unique needs.

It’s important that your commercial landscaping partner understands what you need and can help deliver consistency across the board.

Here are some of the types of national accounts that we service and what we’ve found they look for in a landscaping partner.

1. Banks and Credit Unions

Oftentimes, one of the most important aspects of working with banks and credit unions is helping them to achieve the uniform look that they desire across their entire portfolio of locations. It’s quite common for banks and credit unions to desire a very similar look no matter where their branch is located.

This is one way that working with landscaping services for national accounts can be a huge benefit. If each of your branches hires a different small, mom-and-pop landscaping service, there will be no consistency in the overall look from location to location. But having a single company overseeing all of your branches can make a world of difference.
commercial lawn care team edging a sidewalk
Along with consistency, neat, orderly, and tidy are three additional things that are very important to banks and credit unions. There is really no room for mistakes. The property managers of banks and credit unions know that if clients come to the site and see a dead shrub or unkempt grass, it can make them question whether the bank can truly manage their money (if they can’t even manage the grounds).

On that same token, while banks and credit unions want their locations to look nice, knowing that perception really is everything, they don’t want the landscaping to be over the top in any way. You don’t want clients thinking that all of their money is being spent on elaborate landscaping, either.

As you are making landscaping decisions for your bank or credit union, working with a partner that gets it, will really help you achieve your objectives.

There’s also an element of safety. Safety is a priority at Yellowstone Landscape and we take our responsibility in keeping landscapes safely operational seriously. For example, if you’re in a location where there is a snow and/or ice event, we know that you want to ensure there are no slip-and-fall accidents when a customer is using the ATM machine.

2. Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Restaurants)

With any hospitality location, whether it’s a hotel where guests are coming to stay or it’s a restaurant where they’re just visiting for a short period, the landscaping is part of the overall experience. Guests and visitors have a certain expectation that the landscaping will be as beautiful and welcoming and appealing as the restaurant or hotel itself.

That being said, these guests don’t necessarily want to see the landscape being worked on—and they certainly don’t want the sound of a leaf blower waking them up early in the morning or interrupting their intimate conversation at a meal. That’s why we know with our hospitality clients, it’s all about working in the background in a way that we are invisible to guests and visitors but keeping the places we service looking their best.
Hotel entrance with flower enhancements
Sometimes that means our service schedule works around different hours so that we are not disruptive in any way during “prime” hours. We might schedule landscaping services in the middle of the day for a hotel, so that we don’t wake your guests too early, or get in the way of guests checking in later in the day. We’re willing to work in those more narrow timeframes knowing that keeping your visitors and guests happy is everything.

With hospitality accounts, sometimes there are some unique opportunities for branding with seasonal displays or different arrangements. Some locations may be higher-end than others so while the client as a whole expects uniformity in terms of consistently high-quality work, there can be some opportunities to let the uniqueness of each different property shine.

We can work within whatever parameters work best for our hospitality clients.

3. Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Another type of national account that we service are hospitals and healthcare networks. Whether it’s a series of ambulatory surgery centers or a multi-location medical practice, we understand that one of the most important elements across the board is safety.

Many times these are 24/7 operations and they have a zero-tolerance policy for snow and ice. After all, emergencies don’t stop happening just because it’s snowing. Ambulances need to still be able to safely come and go and those driving themselves or loved ones to the hospital must be able to safely park and walk into the building.

When it comes to landscaping services for national accounts, this is where a large national company can be a vital partner.

At Yellowstone, we can actually stage crews at specific locations so that we are constantly clearing their property of snow and ice and keeping it fully operational. We have the size and the capacity to allow for this.
Hospital emergency entrance landscaping
For hospitals, outdoor spaces may also become spaces where people can reflect and recover. The landscaping that a hospital guest might be able to see from his or her window can be a piece of beauty in an otherwise sterile environment. And hospital visitors might use walking trails or common areas as a place to reflect and gather their thoughts after visiting a family member or perhaps even receiving bad news.

These spaces also become important to hospital staff who might use walking trails or common areas as spaces where they can take a break from a very tough job. We understand the important role that we play in keeping these spaces beautiful and functional.

4. Senior Living

Lastly, we’d like to mention another type of national account that we service - senior living centers. We’re aware that these days, senior living communities are quite multi-faceted. They can include everything from fully independent living to partial assisted living to even memory care assisted living. This may mean that different areas of a single property could have different needs.

We also recognize that the outdoor spaces in these communities are really important not only to residents but also to their families and guests. When family members come to visit, they don’t want to see that their mother, father, aunt, or uncle is staying at a place that can’t even keep their grounds looking nice. It creates a negative experience before they even go inside. And if you’re looking to attract new residents, this can be detrimental.

But when family comes to visit, they also want to have beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy with their loved ones. They want well-groomed walking paths and beautiful flowers. Places where they can take their family members outside and spend quality time.retirement community landscape maintenance

Making Your Wise Choice for Landscaping Services for National Accounts

As a multi-location business, there are many benefits to hiring a national landscape company that can handle your brand or your business as a whole. But it all comes down to simplification. You already have a lot to manage. The last thing that you need are landscaping hassles and headaches because you have many different, smaller companies caring for your locations.

Hiring a single company can help you to maintain consistency and quality across all your locations, while also meeting some of the unique and specific needs that each of your properties deals with. After all, even though we’ve provided some generalizations above as to what we often see each of these account types needing, we also know that every single location is unique and may have its own challenges.

At Yellowstone Landscape, we’re here to help make your life easier.

We understand the magnitude of the responsibility that you’re entrusting us with when it comes to handling your national account. We recognize that we are playing a role in helping your brand/company continue to look its best and that’s not something we take lightly. Ultimately, it is always our goal to make you look good.

If you’re searching for a company that can help simplify the landscaping process for you, that’s exactly what we offer.

Our national account clients enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact and a commitment to providing the best quality and service across the board. By doing so, landscaping no longer has to be a hassle or a headache for you and you can focus your time and energy in other places.

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