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Green Pastures & Yellowstone
Join Forces in Nashville

Green Pastures Landscape Company has been serving Middle Tennessee since 1992. Over that time, they have come to be known as a full service landscape and irrigation company with two simple goals - Beautiful Properties & Extraordinary Service.

In early 2020, Green Pastures joined forces with Yellowstone Landscape to offer even more expertise and broader service options to their clients.

Yellowstone Landscape, through our new partners at Green Pastures, deliver professional landscape services to some of Nashville's most distinguished communities and commercial properties. From our service facility, centrally located in Nashville, we are proud to partner with clients across middle Tennessee.

Always tailored to the unique needs of each client, we are committed to enhancing your property's appearance. We know that you understand the value of your property's landscape and you can trust us to deliver beautiful results.
We're honored to provide our full catalog of professional landscape services to premier Nashville-area properties. We welcome the opportunity to be your landscape service partner.

Contact us today to discuss your property's needs and let us create a landscape service solution for you.

[Yellowstone] has been handling the landscape installations, maintenance, and irrigation systems for over 10 years now. Your staff and your teams in the field are incredible!
—Bill Faust,
President, Walnut Creek Business Park