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Posted by Joseph Barnes on Feb 19, 2024 1:45:17 PM

Setting achievable goals for your commercial property's landscape doesn't have to be daunting. In fact, nature itself offers a valuable lesson in goal-setting: when we give others what they want, we ultimately get what we want.

This is seen in a million ways in our natural world, but one small example most of us can relate to is investing in a butterfly garden. By giving butterflies what they want and need to thrive, we get endless enjoyment from watching these magical creatures, and they help create a more sustainable local environment at our property.

This approach also applies to attracting new tenants to your commercial property with quality landscaping - a low-cost investment that keeps current tenants happy, and attracts new interest in your property.

So here are some goals that many of our commercial real estate clients have shared with us over the years, and some examples of how we’ve helped them achieve their goals with landscaping.

Goal #1: Elevate Tenant Engagement 

Boosting tenant engagement is more than a perk - it’s a necessity. Why? It increases tenant loyalty, enhances community involvement, and can provide a positive reputation for your property in the community. Here are some commercial landscaping projects that can help you achieve your goal of a more engaged tenant base.

For employees and visitors looking for a place to relax, consider enhanced outdoor seating with quick-dry materials, so no one has to wait hours after rainfall to enjoy the outdoors. Rooftops and aesthetic gardens with tables and chairs also appeal to people looking to rest their bodies and minds.

What about commercial landscaping options with a bit more activity? You can’t go wrong with outdoor grills because a fun cookout draws a crowd every time. The same goes for incorporating bocce ball and pickleball courts into the landscape (globally, bocce ball is the third-most-popular recreational sport while pickleball remains the fastest-growing recreational sport).

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Some seasons mean more time indoors to avoid extreme weather or temperatures. And that’s no problem if you have all-season rooms that allow tenants to enjoy the sunshine on those freezing cold days. On cloudy, cold days, indoors can still be made inviting with large lobbies adorned with trees suited for big planters or green walls beneath extra-large windows. These outdoorsy indoor environments are always popular with our clients in dense urban environments, like downtown condos and corporate headquarters.

Proof that Your Landscaping is Actively Engaging Tenants?

This local skate park is a perfect case study showing tangible community engagement created by a landscaping project.

Here are a few more signals of stronger tenant engagement:

  • Participation in events and programs increases
  • Giving helpful feedback to the property manager 
  • Spreading positive word-of-mouth about the property
  • Common areas bustling with activity

Tail wagging is also a positive signal we enjoy seeing on the properties we service for our clients. Socializing in dog parks can enhance the sense of community and social capital.

Greenery wall

Goal #2: Attract More Tenants With Your Landscape 

Another top goal of commercial property owners is always to attract more tenants. Even if you never seem to have vacancies, a waiting list makes it easy to justify top-tier leasing rates. After all, a waiting list means your property is a desirable place to be, and that’s valuable. 

Now, if you’re in a competitive market, these hot commercial landscaping trends of 2024 will help your property stand out right away.

Remember, your landscaping is the “suit and tie” your property puts on to make a great first impression. As we all know, first impressions don’t get second chances, so making yours count with commercial landscaping that looks sharp and feels safe is critical. Your goals should include a neat, well-kept look across your grounds, even when no one is on the property.

Landscaping Laws of Attraction

Keeping the grass neatly trimmed is a must, but don’t forget tree care, which includes proper trimming to produce healthier trees and higher curb appeal. Surveys back this up—74% of the public preferred to patronize commercial establishments with trees and other landscaping features (Center for Urban Horticulture).

Don’t forget the little things that impact your commercial property, either. A couple of plastic bottles lying in a flower bed can lead to an impression of a property with litter scattered all around, which can, unfortunately, create an impression of a property that jsut doesn’t care about its tenants and guests. 

On the positive side, vibrant flowers are a great way to attract the interest of new tenants. We suggest choosing colors to match the mood you want to set for your property. For example, yellow flowers are great if you want to sprout positivity (yellow flowers have been shown to produce positive emotions - more than red or white ones).

Yellow & White Flowers Roadway Commercial Landscaping Services

Maximize Your ROI In Your Landscape 

It’s hard to top the return on investment that trees provide commercial property owners. Numerous studies have credited healthy, mature trees for increasing property values by as much as 6%. Then, there’s the shade you get from strategically planted trees that can reduce utility bills as air conditioning use decreases. And for retail locations, don’t forget that surveyed shoppers reported they would be willing to spend 9% to 12% more for goods and services in business districts with high-quality tree canopy. (Journal of Forestry) 

Of course, these trees will require some additional maintenance costs. Falling leaves seem minor but are labor-intensive to clean up, which adds to landscape maintenance bills. So choose your trees carefully, and consider installing evergreens if you’re looking to add some color to your winter landscape.

How Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Commercial Landscaping Impacts ROI 

If eco-friendly landscaping did nothing else besides save money on water bills and electricity, that alone would boost long-term ROI. But the benefits go beyond that. When you cut down on materials or the need to replace plants, you’re automatically cutting down on labor (and the associated labor costs).

Furthermore, at Yellowstone Landscape, we don’t see sustainability as something that limits commercial landscaping options. It actually increases your landscape design options with the helpf of our designers’ creativity. For example, in the Southwest, countless landscapes are being beautified with innovative non-plant materials, like stylish landscape rock, and unique native plants such like native shrubs and cacti.  

The larger the plant, the more potential for savings when you embrace eco-friendly landscape features. Native trees that can withstand long periods of drought are a smart investment since, as you may know, commercial tree removal is expensive. It might even be prudent to consider man-made sunshade options in some parts of the country experiencing extreme drought. 

That brings us to proactive water management and smart irrigation. Older commercial irrigation systems are known for wasting both money and precious natural resources. And if the water isn’t reaching your plants and trees at the right time with proper amounts, that often results in a generally unhealthy landscape. This leads to unappealing aesthetics, and you’ll be replacing plants and trees more often.

Desert Landscape Rocks Commercial Landscaping Services New Mexico

Summary: Setting Landscape Goals For Your Commercial Property 

While you may not have thought through it before, setting landscaping goals for your property is a wise activity. However, achieving your goals doesn’t just happen by accident. So, here are proven ways to increase your chances of achieving the three main goals we laid out. 

  • Having an underlying reason for each goal (what’s your “why”)
  • Beat overwhelm by breaking big goals into smaller tasks
  • Write down goals and post them in a visible spot (makes them tangible and hard to avoid) that both you and your landscape provider see regularly

The time is now to take action using those goal-setting strategies so you can start reaping the rewards of enhancing your commercial landscaping. You’ll have engaged tenants feeling good about the environment you provide, your first-impression curb appeal will attract new tenants, and your return on investment will be apparent - and impressive.

Want to get specific with your unique landscaping goals for 2024? Contact Yellowstone Landscape today. We look forward to walking your property with you to discuss the goals you have on your mind. Enter your zip code to find your local Yellowstone Landscape Professional.

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