Rockstar Energy Bike Park

Houston, TX
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Public Infrastructure, Commercial Properties
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Houston Commercial Landscaping Case Study: Rockstar Energy Bike Park

Revitalization efforts are some of the most exciting projects we get to be involved with. There’s nothing quite like watching a space be transformed in a way that not only makes it more usable and also brings people to the area in a positive way.

This Rockstar Energy Bike Park project is a great example of commercial landscaping in Houston, TX that allowed us to be part of a greater effort to make a real difference in the community.

It All Began with Another Houston Commercial Landscaping Project

The roots of this BMX park can be traced back to another project that we completed in the area. We handled the commercial landscaping for a skate park and an adjacent accessible playground for children with special needs (Dylan Park). 

Both of these projects are in an area near north Houston—a place where there was really no reason to come and hang out previously. 

The addition of the skate park and the playground were a vital step in revitalizing the area and bringing purpose to the community. Suddenly kids had a clean, safe, and active way to spend their time in the beautiful skateboarding park and on the accessible playground. 

But it wasn’t long before the BMX bikers began speaking up that they wanted a space where they could bike. The district listened to their voices and began formulating plans for a BMX park. 

That’s when the Rockstar Energy Bike Park was born.

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