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Posted by Joseph Barnes on Apr 17, 2024 2:20:19 PM

Distracted driving is a plague that claims far too many lives on roadways across the US.

Our own Yellowstone Landscape Professionals, along with crew members and the employees of other companies in our industry are far too often killed, seriously injured, or narrowly avoid tragedy while working along roadsides. In almost all of investigations that follow these serious incidents, the fault can be attributed to some form of distracted driving.

Traffic laws against cell phone use, traffic light and in-cab cameras, even driver assist technologies in later model vehicles – these are all important steps, but they aren’t going to be enough to stop the spread of the distracted driving epidemic we’re facing.

But it’s not just other drivers who are at fault. With hundreds of drivers taking the wheel of Yellowstone Landscape vehicles across the country every day, we have a responsibility to prevent our own drivers from being a part of this problem.

As a company that works hard to protect the lives and livelihood of our Landscape Professionals, clients, and guests of the properties we build and maintain, we’ve invested heavily in building a robust Safety Training program. But in our efforts to promote our Safety Culture, we often find that publicly available training materials fail to address the specific needs of our employees and don’t present scenarios in a way that is recognizable for our drivers and crew members. Further, they often fail to provide training in the native language most of our employees speak and best understand.

So we’ve built a library of videos and training materials ourselves. And we’ve decided to make as many of these resources as we can freely available to anyone who wants to use them. Starting with this Distracted Driving Training video.

When we weren’t able to find a training video that adequately addressed distracted driving, we created our own, and today we’re happy to share it with you.

Our hope is that by making this resource publicly available to all our peers and colleagues in the industry we can, in some small way, help you and your employees understand the gravity of the situation we are facing when it comes to distracted driving.

So please, feel free to download and share these videos with your teams. 

Stay safe out there Landscape Pros!

Distracted Driving Training (English)

Download Link for Distracted Driving Training (English)


Distracted Driving Training (Spanish)

Download Link for Distracted Driving Training (Spanish)

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