Unhappy With Your Current Landscaping Provider's Work? Consider These Next Steps

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Aug 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM

You’ve reached a point with your landscape service provider where it’s obvious to you that they just aren’t cutting it. It could be a string of obvious mistakes and missteps that have built up, or just a general, slow decline in the appearance of the property. Whatever the cause, your landscaper has failed to meet the expectations laid out in your landscape service agreement.As the property manager, you’re dissatisfied and stressed.

Your job is to manage the entire property and landscaping is just one of the many aspects that you oversee.

What should you do when your landscape provider isn’t owning up to what was previous agreed upon? Should you cancel your contract immediately and start the search for another landscaping company?

The problem is that it was an arduous process selecting the right landscaping company for the job the first time, and to even consider restarting the search before the contract expires would give anyone a headache.

Start with a Probation Period

Sometimes it takes time to get things right. A general rule of thumb is that it can take 60-90 days for a new contractor to learn the ins and outs of servicing your landscape.

Consider the amount of time you are willing to give your landscaping contractor to get their services in line with your expectations.  After the initial 60-90 days, it’s up to you if you want to give the contractor another shot to fix all the issues they didn’t get under control at the start of the contract term.

Communicate Your Landscaping Concerns

Clear and effective communication leads to a better result. Put simply, let your current landscape provider know about your dissatisfaction and make sure to explain why you aren’t pleased with their work. Most of the time, dissatisfaction is the result of differences in expectations and what was outlined in the service agreement.

Perhaps your current provider feels that they are upholding their end of the contract. They may not see the mistakes that you, the property manager, are seeing. Professional landscape contractors will usually be willing and able to make changes once a problem it is brought to their attention, but they can’t fix something they don’t know about.

Don’t Feel Stuck In Your Contract

When it comes to a point where your commercial landscaping partner has started to take things for granted and they refuse to adequately address your concerns, then you shouldn’t feel stuck in your contract. There is always a way out.

Nearly all landscaping contracts include clauses that allow you to terminate your contract before it expires. Some contracts will include a termination for cause, requiring a series of documented complaints with set time periods to correct the issue. More commonly, your contract will offer you a 30, 60, or 90-day termination clause that you can execute at any time, for any reason.

Be Selective About Your Next Partner

Just one bad experience will make you more selective about what types of companies you invite to propose service for your property. And being picky in this case is a very good thing.

When choosing your next landscaping contractor, do your research and select from a pool of credible companies. Then you know you’re hiring from the best in the industry. That’s the only way to get real peace of mind when it comes to landscape maintenance.

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