A Review of the Best Landscaping Companies/Vendors in Dallas

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Dec 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to finding commercial landscaping in Dallas, TX, there are seemingly endless possibilities. In fact, if you’ve taken the time to perform even a quick online search of “the best commercial landscaping companies in Dallas, TX,” then you probably already know you’ve got a huge list to go through.

While having a lot of choices is certainly better than being limited to only a few, narrowing down your options can also feel a bit daunting. How do you differentiate amongst all of these landscaping companies? Are they really all that different from one another?

The truth is, commercial landscaping companies really can differ dramatically and you want to be sure that you make a wise choice so that you’re happy with the results. After all, there are people counting on you and it’s your reputation on the line if the vendor you choose doesn’t work out.

Skeptical? We totally get it. We’ve been in the Dallas, TX market for long enough to know that we’re up against some great companies. We actually appreciate that there is strong competition out there because it makes our industry as a whole that much better.
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That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up a list of some of the best commercial landscaping companies in Dallas, TX, and what we think will be helpful for you to know about them.

At this point, it might be surprising to you that we’re willing to share who we think some of our top competitors are, but we don’t really think it’s any big secret. In fact, we’d rather help you narrow your list down to the “best of the best” so that we’re competing against other reputable companies - not ones who are going to make promises they can’t fulfill or undercut our prices just to land the job (even if they can’t come through to fully meet your needs).

We’re also a company that believes in transparency. You’ll find that we’re not out to just tell you what you want to hear. We want to provide honest and realistic advice. As a result, we hope that this will help assist in your process of narrowing the playing field and finding the commercial landscaping company that’s right for you.

The Best Commercial Landscaping Companies in Dallas, TX

While you have a lot of different options to consider, and there are some great companies that aren’t on this list, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 of our strong competitors. We often go to bid against these companies.

Here’s a brief rundown.


Like us, LandCare is a national company, however, they have a few more branches and reach a few more states. LandCare boasts 50 branches in 20 different states and employs 4,000 people coast to coast. In Texas alone, the company has 5 different “teams,” including Dallas East and Dallas West. They offer a similar scope of services to cover commercial lawn and landscaping needs.

Southern Botanical

Southern Botanical is not a national company but instead has offices in Dallas, Texas, and in Celina, Texas. SoBo, as they are sometimes known, emphasizes their commitment to sustainability, and we appreciate that because we also believe it’s important to be good stewards of the land and practice eco-friendly landscaping whenever we can.

Southern Botanical was founded by Jason Craven, who like many in the industry, got his start mowing neighborhood lawns. The company has since grown to 250 employees.

Southern Botanical offers a similar lineup of services as Yellowstone Landscape, however, they also service residential properties which is a market that we don’t typically service.

Superscapes, Inc.

Superscapes, Inc., is also a local company. They are based in Carrollton, Texas, and is another company with a similar scope of services to others listed here, and they too do offer service to the residential market.

If you visit their website you’ll quickly notice that they are the official landscaper of the Dallas Cowboys.

All Around Landscape & Construction (AALC)

AALC is based out of Lewisville, Texas, and performs landscaping and irrigation work. The company was founded by Travis Baird. While the scope of services is similar, this is again, another local company that also services the residential market.

How Does Yellowstone Landscape Compare to the Best Commercial Landscaping Companies in Dallas, TX

These are 4 examples of companies that we respect and appreciate the ways in which they’ve elevated the playing field in the Dallas, TX market.

But let us share why some of our existing customers have told us that they ultimately chose a partnership with Yellowstone Landscape over other qualified landscape firms.

A Focus on Commercial Landscaping

As we’ve already pointed out one of the big differences between Yellowstone Landscape and some of the other companies listed is that our focus is exclusively on the commercial landscaping market. To be perfectly blunt, the differences between the commercial and residential markets are just so vast that we have really honed our expertise to being able to service large communities and commercial properties best.
Maintenance crew trimming a commercial property
Now, we do a lot of work with HOAs and we often work on individual properties in that capacity. But we’re not sending out a crew to individual homes here or there—or all over Dallas, TX. It spreads us too thin and takes our focus away from our commercial clients who need us to be fully accessible to them.

Not Too Big—But Not Too Small, Either!

Another reason why Dallas, TX clients have chosen us is that our size is “just right.” We’re not so huge that we’ve lost touch with our markets in any way. We are a national company but we’re also really strongly ingrained in the communities that we individually service. The Yellowstone Landscape Pros that work at our Dallas, TX branch are people that live and work in the area, just like you. They truly know the region.

Of course, being a larger, national company also comes with some benefits that a smaller company can’t offer.

For instance, if a storm is headed this way, we can really ramp up our efforts to be prepared to service your commercial property. We know that “staging” ahead of a storm is critical. That’s why, whenever possible, we’re bringing in equipment and people that we might need ahead of a storm. Because we’re larger with multiple branches, we can bring people and equipment in from other areas in order to be fully prepared.
commercial tree service crew cleaning up a broken limb
We also have a bigger perspective of what’s happening in the landscape industry. We aren’t stuck in our ways or limited to what’s happening locally. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of national trends and always bringing new ideas that can help keep your commercial landscape ahead of the curve.

We Provide Stellar Communication

Our size coupled with our commitment to commercial landscaping helps us to be able to provide the best possible communication with our clients. We know that commercial landscapers have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being poor communicators. But we’re completely reversing that trend. We take communication incredibly seriously and keep in close touch with our commercial clients.

All of our account managers know that they need to be available to clients 24/7. It’s why we’ve given all of our team members a smartphone that we expect they keep turned on. After all, problems aren’t limited to a 9 to 5 schedule. We know that things can happen any time, and we’re available to take action.commercial tree service inspection with a customer

We Have a Great Team

At the end of the day, we know that the work we do on commercial properties comes down to having a great team to support those efforts.

The fact is, your account manager can tell you everything that you want to hear but if you end up choosing a company that doesn’t hire high-quality workers, then you’re still going to get subpar results.

We take hiring team members seriously and our hiring process is rigorous.

As a result, we are proud to say that we have some amazing team members that help make up our company. It all boils down to being focused on hiring experienced professionals who are going to be committed to getting the best results.

Your Wise Choice in the Best Commercial Landscaping Companies in Dallas, TX

We commend you for taking the time that you already have in reading this article and in comparing the different commercial landscaping companies here in Dallas, TX in order to find the best. We understand that is no small feat. But we appreciate when commercial property managers take the time to research their options rather than simply shopping on price.

The truth is, when you shop on price, you can end up with a company that doesn’t align with your expectations. Then, it’s back to the drawing board to start the research process all over again.

But taking the time now to perform the research will pay off with confidence that you’ve made a wise choice for your investment in commercial landscaping. At Yellowstone Landscape, it is our goal to be true partners with the property managers that hire us. As a result, you can count on us to be there to help every step of the way.

You have a big decision ahead of you! Are you ready to feel confident in making a wise choice in the bidding process? Request a consultation today. We’ll meet to learn more about your property and its challenges and come up with a comprehensive plan to take care of all of the details for you.

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