How To Adapt Your Commercial Landscape Plan for Unpredictable Weather

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Oct 15, 2021 10:17:41 AM

With unprecedented and extreme weather events happening all across the country, you might be wondering how future events will impact your landscaping. For so many commercial property managers, HOA board members, and others who oversee their properties’ landscaping services, this is relatively uncharted territory. If you’ve never had to deal with such intense weather before, it’s okay to not really be sure how to handle it.

As a company with a national perspective, we’ve seen the impact of severe weather first-hand at our branches across the country. This year alone has included freezing temperatures and snow in states like Texas and Tennessee and record-breaking extreme heat and drought conditions in states like New Mexico and Arizona.

Even regions that are used to snowfall are also seeing more of it than ever in recent winters, and that’s making it hard for many of our clients to plan for future extreme weather.

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So, how do you prepare for landscaping for unpredictable weather?

How can you plan effectively when there are so many unpredictable patterns and you really don’t know what each season will hold? 

While it used to be that coastal communities were the only ones preparing and budgeting for extreme weather, like hurricanes, now inland areas that have never experienced extreme weather conditions are finding the need to come up with a way to proactively plan for the worst. We understand that can be frustrating - and in some cases overwhelming. You might even feel like you have no clue where to start.

That’s why we’re talking about some best practices for planning your landscaping for unpredictable weather.

And it doesn’t have to all fall on your shoulders. With the right commercial landscaping partner, you have support when it comes to making plans and being as prepared as possible.

What Does Landscaping for Unpredictable Weather Entail?

Our clients thinking about landscaping for unpredictable weather has meant that we’re having new conversations in parts of the South (and other warmer climate areas) where clients are rightly asking and requesting irrigation winterization. It has meant that we’re getting requests to write snow removal contracts in parts of the country that rarely had snowfall before, and certainly not with any regularity. And of course lots of questions about how to prevent freeze damage to plants in regions that really never used to see freezing temperatures (like Texas).

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And it means we’ve ramped up capacities for snow removal in areas where we typically do engage in snow removal services, while we’re also working with clients with increased needs for drought solutions in areas experiencing extreme heat in other parts of the country.

It seems that every region is dealing with some new, tough seasonal challenges and we understand that it’s stressful, not just for our staff, but also for our clients.

Having a Commercial Landscaping Partner who Supports You with Landscaping for Unpredictable Weather

While there’s no question that the unpredictability of the weather in recent years has been frustrating, with the support of a commercial landscaping partner who “has your back,” some of that burden should feel lifted from your shoulders.

There are a few things that your landscaping partner should be talking with you about, as weather conditions become increasingly harder to predict. Here are some ways that they can better support you and help you to feel more prepared:

You Should Discuss an Emergency Landscape Repair Budget

In the past, you may not have needed to build in any emergency landscaping fund budget items. Again, as we mentioned, this is something that clients in coastal regions are used to doing. They’ve always had to have extra funds available for storm clean-up when it was needed.

But now, it might be beneficial to build some margin into your budget for unexpected weather events that could happen. 

For instance, if you’re worried about losing plant material to an extreme weather event, like sustained, unprecedented below freezing temperatures, it will help to get your landscape back in order more quickly when you have money in the budget to replace the lost plants,  and you aren’t left with a big hole in your landscape design.

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Then, if that money doesn’t end up being used in the year, you have extra money for enhancements or other services that you might need it for, like an unexpected irrigation fix. 

When we talk to our clients about budgeting extra money for unprecedented weather, we tend to ask them to think of it as an “insurance policy” in your property or community's annual budget. You may not need to use it, but you’ll feel a lot more at ease and confident knowing it’s there.

Your Landscaper Should be Able to Offer Solutions

Another way that your landscape service partner should be able to support you is with solutions to the extreme weather problems you might experience. You certainly shouldn’t be left hanging trying to come up with solutions on your own. Your landscaping partner is there for a reason - to provide advice and expertise.

Of course, not all companies will be able to address this equally.

This is an area where working with a national landscaping company can really make a difference. 

The truth is, most local and regional companies will never have experienced these unprecedented weather conditions, either. But the advantage to partnering with a national landscaping provider is that we can rely on information and expertise from other branches across the country about how to deal with conditions we aren’t accustomed to. 

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For instance, we saw this play out at our own company when some of our Texas clients needed advice on protecting plants from freezing conditions and we could rely on the expertise from our branches in colder regions on just what to do.

Your Landscaper Should be Able to Adapt to Unexpected Changes

Change is never easy. But when it comes to ensuring that your property is getting what it needs, particularly when experiencing an unexpected weather event, you need to know you can count on your landscape professional to adapt.

At Yellowstone Landscape, it helps that we have the local expertise at our branches to deal with the typical weather conditions but that we also have a national perspective when local experts can’t be found. This fact has allowed us to adapt quickly to these changes and better serve our clients through unusual weather.

And in truth, it’s the abnormal and unusual events that test a landscaping company’s ability to adapt and deliver for their clients. It’s not for a lack of effort, rather it’s about not having the capacity to address these dangerous and unique circumstances that they’ve never seen before. Back to our previous example of the Texas freeze, if they’ve never really dealt with ice and snow at that level in Texas before, then they won’t have access to the equipment, products, or even the strategy to deal with it effectively.

But as times change, you deserve a company that will be able to adapt quickly and help take some of that worry off your plate. After all, in the event of an extreme weather situation, the last thing that you want is a landscaping company that isn’t there to help when you need them most. You don’t deserve to be left hanging in these already stressful times.

Choosing a Commercial Landscape Company Who Can Help in the Best and Worst of Times

Finally, it comes down to working with a commercial landscaping provider who will be able to give you everything your landscape needs when all is well - but also in those unprecedented situations, too.

There may not always be an easy solution to everything. The unpredictable weather we’ve seen over the past few years has meant that some of our clients' properties have struggled with turf performance and lost some plant material that is hard to replace. 

Even with all the planning and resources in the world, we still have no control over Mother Nature or what she decides to throw at us.

But we’ve made every effort to stay on top of what’s going on and offer the best solutions possible for our clients. Our ever-expanding national footprint has played a huge role in our ability to become a better partner to all our clients. It also helps that we’re a company that is incredibly focused on being communicative and proactive. Even though we don’t always know what’s coming, we keep an attitude of preparing for the worst when we have to. We’re guiding our clients, creating those “insurance policies” through their budgeting process, and we’re in the field, offering advice on what to do during and immediately following unexpected weather events.

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We will continue to pivot and shift quickly.

Because we’ve all seen that the weather has become increasingly unpredictable and many are starting to realize that this, unfortunately, might be the new normal with respect to our weather patterns. But we’re here to help you adapt your landscaping plans when needed and to make suggestions that will set you and your landscape up for success.

Our hope is to give you some peace of mind, even during times of uncertainty. You don’t have to weather the unpredictable weather alone! We’re here to help.

Are you ready to feel confident that your commercial landscaping company will support you and help adapt your landscaping plan for unpredictable weather? Request a consultation today. We’ll meet to learn more about your property and its challenges and come up with a comprehensive plan to take care of all of the details for you.

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