Environmental Benefits of EFI Technology for Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Oct 18, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Yellowstone Landscape is committed to providing high quality landscapes for our clients. We also understand that we must provide our services with as little environmental impact as possible. One of the ways we reduce our environmental impact is through our continued investment in equipment powered by modern, commercial EFI engines.

What is EFI?

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) has recently become very common on smaller, commercial engines. Without using a carburetor, which mixes air and fuel through a system of tubes and valves, EFI injects the fuel directly into the engine. EFI has been standard in the automotive industry for the last thirty years, and now, manufacturers of commercial landscape equipment are seeing the benefits of using EFI as well.

This technology was introduced to the landscape maintenance industry to help contractors more efficiently maintain commercial property landscapes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of EFI technology:

Lower Fuel Consumption

By monitoring and analyzing the engine sensors, the control unit identifies the necessary amount of fuel that must be delivered. It also brings the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine. This fine tuning of the engine delivers better fuel economy, reducing fuel consumption up 26 percent.

Lowering the amount of fuel used is the first important benefit that EFI technology in commercial landscape maintenance equipment brings - saving energy and fuel costs, while increasing efficiency.

Less Pollution

As already stated, EFI technology in landscape maintenance equipment saves on fuel consumption. In turn, also results in reduced fuel emissions. This makes EFI technology an important option for controlling fuel costs, while it provides less of an impact on the environment. It is estimated that EFI engine emissions are reduced by up to 22 percent, compared to similarly sized carbureted engines.  

Less Servicing

EFI technology helps to run the landscaping equipment we rely on to service your property more efficiently, with less major servicing being required on EFI engines. There is no carburetor maintenance or replacement costs, and it also offers less servicing needed in general. The fuel system is completely sealed so the gasoline does not encounter oxygen—which will cause it to spoil. This also avoids the need to spend on extra servicing because of problems related to contaminated gas. Less service downtime, means the equipment is available and ready to be used by our Landscaper Professionals who care for your property.

If you have questions about our use equipment powered by EFI engine technology, or any other steps we’re taking to reduce our environmental impact, please feel free to message us at info@yellowstonelandscape.com

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