The Best Snow and Ice Management Plans Start in The Summer: Here's Why

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Jul 12, 2021 9:04:28 AM

In the summer when temperatures are soaring, snow may be the absolute last thing on your mind. After all, you may even be in a part of the country where you’re experiencing record heat or drought.

You can hardly imagine rainfall right now—let alone the white fluffy stuff!

While snow may be one of the last things you want to think about, summer is actually the best time to start thinking about your snow and ice management plans for a few different reasons.

Though we are by no means looking to rush your summer along, we do want to help set you up for success by helping you plan appropriately for the upcoming snow season. By making wise choices now, you can help ensure there are no hassles or headaches to worry about when the snow does start to fall.Snow and Ice Management

Getting on the Schedule Early is Key

One of the most important reasons why you should be thinking about snow and ice management services in the summer is that it’s incredibly beneficial to get on a professional company’s schedule early.

This helps to ensure that you have your spot and you don’t have to worry when a storm does roll around. You’re already prepared!

We all know just how fast the summer can fly by. If you wait until the fall to start doing your research on snow and ice removal companies, then you run the risk of them being all booked up. The fact is, snow and ice management services are in great demand and each of the companies out there can only take on so many clients.
Snow and Ice management team shoveling snow
Of course, there are companies that overbook and take on more clients than they can actually handle. This is something that tends to happen with smaller or less experienced companies. They might be fine with one or two inches of snow but when there’s a big storm, they just might not be able to get to everyone.

That’s why it’s so important to gather bids from reliable companies that you know will be able to meet your needs when the time comes. But these types of companies are highly coveted and you aren’t the only one trying to line up their services.

The bottom line? Starting the planning process early is key.

Making Snow and Ice Management Plans in the Summer Leaves Time for Research (So You Don’t Make a Hasty Decision)

As you may already know, the process of finding a great snow and ice removal company can be tedious. You can’t just make a quick decision and go with whatever company responds first or has the lowest bid. After all, snow and ice removal work is serious business and can leave your property liable if it’s not performed correctly and there is an accident.

As with any professional service, you’ll want to put time into researching any company that you might be considering. Spend time on their website, ask for their references, and maybe even perform a site visit.

Taking the time to do all of that will give you confidence that you’re making the right hiring decision.

Whether you are looking to make a switch in your snow and ice management services or hire one for the first time, you need to leave some time to perform your research and find a company that you can rely on. If you wait too long to start the research process, you might be stuck with a company that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

Property Assessments are Best Performed Early

Another great reason to hire snow and ice management services in the summer, is that you allow your snow and ice professional to perform an assessment of your property early. This allows them to create plans and help set you up for success.
As you can imagine, waiting until there’s snow on the ground to have your property assessed is a big mistake. Important elements will be covered and can’t even be accounted for.
Early property assessment for snow removal
While that probably sounds like a given, sometimes life gets busy and snow and ice removal services end up getting booked late. An early snowfall can leave property managers scrambling to get an assessment performed.

Ideally, having all of this taken care of during the summer gets your snow and ice professional ample time to perform a very thorough assessment of the property. They'll have optimal visibility and be able to identify portions of the property that could pose unique challenges.

They’ll also be able to determine if there are areas that could create potential safety risks, as well as zones that need to be prioritized.

And, they’ll be able to create a plan as to where snow can be moved.

You’re also giving your snow and ice removal professional ample time to gear up with any new equipment and supplies that they’ll need to best service your property. This will allow them to be able to provide you the best possible services when the time comes for them to get to work this winter.

The Value of Finding a Company that Offers the Best

You deserve to have confidence that you are hiring the best company for your snow and ice management plans.

If you’ve ever had a poor experience with snow and ice management services in the past, you know how incredibly frustrating this can be. Perhaps you couldn’t reach the company when you needed them - or even worse, they never showed up. Reliability and great communication are so important when it comes to finding the best companies.

Of course, a company that puts best practices into action is critical, too. Safety and functionality are absolutely imperative at your commercial property and there’s no room for error.
Snow Removal truck
All of this results in a company that you can count on—and that may not happen if you wait until the last minute. The companies offering the best snow and ice management services may be fully booked up by the time that you start the process. You could end up being stuck with whomever you can get.

Or, you might set yourself up for hassles and headaches that you wouldn’t have had to deal with by planning farther ahead. If you wait until the Fall to book snow and ice management services, you could find yourself scrambling to look for bids or perform a hasty research process.

Now, instead of having peace of mind, you might be feeling incredibly uncertain about whether you’ve made a wise choice. And instead of being able to sit back and relax when that first snow or ice storm rolls in, you may end up with a pit in your stomach—worrying whether it’s all going to work out.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

By planning early, you can feel confident that you’ve put in the research, made a wise choice, and gotten a spot on their schedule. You’ll also know that you gave your snow and ice management professional plenty of time to prepare. As a result, they’ll be ready when the white stuff starts to fall.

Are you thinking about planning for snow and ice management services? Request a consultation today. We’ll meet to learn more about your needs and come up with a comprehensive plan to take care of all of the details for you.

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