Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape

Posted by Joseph Barnes on Mar 8, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Trees don’t require the same amount of care that many other parts of your property’s landscape do. To thrive, they need the things that are available naturally: sunlight, soil, and water. In return, they provide so many benefits. They clean the air, help reduce energy costs, provide shelter to animals, and, perhaps most importantly, they add immense value and aesthetic appeal to your commercial property’s landscape.  

Carefully thought-out landscapes that include preserved and new tree plantings not only make your property look great, but also provide employees and guests with the opportunity to take a break from technology and recharge by spending time enjoying your landscape’s natural beauty. Frequent short walks under and among the trees has been proved very beneficial to the productivity of the employees and greatly enhances mood.

Trees are not without some expense. They do require some additional maintenance costs in order to keep them healthy, but most successful commercial property management companies and building owners have come to see the trees in their landscape as a competitive benefit.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in your trees:

Environmental Benefits

Trees Improve The Environment

There are several ways that trees protect and improve the environment. Aside from reducing air pollution and noise pollution, they filter water and absorb rainfall, lessening the impact of flood and stormwater.

Trees also attract a variety birds and natural wildlife providing food and shelter.

They Make Outdoor Spaces More Comfortable

During hot weather months, trees prove to be beneficial as they help keep the environment cool. They take in carbon dioxide, which is a heat-trapping greenhouse gas and release oxygen, which has a cooling effect on the environment.

They can also provide shade to help employees and guests avoid the sun. Placing outdoor seating areas under trees makes them more functional and attractive spaces for gatherings.

Not only do trees provide a cooling effect in summer, they are also beneficial during the colder months. They reduce winds that blow across your outdoor spaces, so the employees can enjoy the outdoors during the winter as well.

They Improve The Quality of Air In Your Commercial Outdoor Space

Trees can improve the quality of air by absorbing harmful gases and toxins and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. They are extremely effective when it comes to reducing gaseous pollution. They can remove the heat-trapping greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen.

One tree can reduce carbon dioxide by an average of 300 pounds in a year. A low level of carbon dioxide in the air does not have any known negative effects. On the other hand, high levels of this gas can be extremely bad for the environment and can cause a lot of issues like respiratory problems.  

Economic Benefits

Trees Help You Save Money

You can reduce energy costs of your property by strategically planting trees. Even a single tree can provide some energy savings. Properly placed trees can conserve energy by providing shade during summer, acting as windbreaks, and providing warmth during winter.

During the summer, they can provide shade and keep your corporate office cool, which can lower the costs of air-conditioning.  

Trees like evergreens can deflect harsh winds, which can prove to be extremely beneficial during the colder months. Evergreens can act as windbreaks and block harsh winter winds, reducing heating costs.

They Improve The Value of Your Property

Planting trees in your landscape is a low-cost way to boost the value of your property. A property that has trees is estimated to attract more customers than a property that lacks trees. Mature trees, in particular, are an absolutely irreplaceable asset.

Social Benefits

Trees Can Help Reduce Stress

According to the Natural Resource Conservation Service, trees can help reduce stress levels.

While it is a widely known fact that spending time in nature can help people relax, a study by Texas A&M University proved that spending five minutes in a day looking at trees can result in lowered stress levels. This means that adding trees to your landscape will provide employees and guests a place to de-stress during their breaks, increasing the productivity of the workforce.

In conclusion, trees are beneficial in commercial landscapes not only because of the beauty they provide to the property, but also because they offer environmental, economic, and social benefits for a relatively minimal investment in your property’s landscape maintenance budget.

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