The Best Spring Flowering Shrubs to Use for Commercial Properties


Flowers depict the arrival of spring. They’re bright, colorful and provide a delicately cheerful scent that fills the air. All quite welcoming after the grey gloom of winter. Spring flowers and shrubs are perfect for adding some color your commercial property. Hire a knowledgeable commercial landscaping service to help you select different shrubs and flowers appropriate for your property. The colorful flowers with their refreshing scent will help your visitors, tenants, employees and shoppers feel relaxed and welcome at your property.

The vibrant and lively colors of exotic flowers and shrubs add another dimension to your commercial property and add to the overall value of the spaces you own and manage.

Investing in high-quality landscaping to improve the look and feel of your property with flowers sets up your business for success. It’s like a gift that gives back! The inviting hues of spring flowers will attract the attention of customers and tenants to your property by investing in landscape maintenance.

 Beautiful Flowering Shrubs for your Commercial Property

Limelight Hydrangea

The delicate and beautiful limelight hydrangea adds color to any property. They are perfect for frontage, entry gates and outside the main entrance of your property. With the arrival of spring, the shrub has cheerful chartreuse blooms in vibrant colors. This flowering shrub with its bright blooms will make your property appear lively and inviting.

The ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea has blooms that go well into the autumn season.  During autumn, the shrub changes its blooms from chartreuse to a rich and magnificent shade of pink. This makes it a popular recommendation in areas where in will thrive. The chartreuse with deep pink blooms on one plant will surely capture everyone’s attention, and the blooms are well distributed around the plant, making it look that much more elegant.

Dwarf Fothergilla

Dwarf Fothergilla is an evergreen shrub with fluffy white flowers with an exquisite fragrance. This shrub is also known as the Bottle Brush. The shrub starts flowering early in spring, but is an evergreen plant with multi-season blooms. During fall, the plant changes its color to a wonderful medley of colors including yellow, red and orange that makes any background look exquisite. The Bottle Brush is an entirely low-maintenance plant that thrives in both direct and partial sun.


If you are looking for excellent foundational plants for complete solid coverage, then the loropetalum is perfect for you. The Ruby loropetalum is one of the most delicate and beautiful plants that thrive under the sun. The small ruby colored flowers make for excellent and solid coverage.

Ruby loropetalum can grow up to 4 feet tall and four feet wide. The flowers are tiny with rounded forms and a unique cluster of pink fringe flowers. The leaves are a bright ruby red—making them look very different from other types of shrubs. This shrub is the perfect choice to add more life and color to any commercial space.

Japanese Pieris

The Japanese Pieris is an underrated flowering shrub. The plant has a unique broadleaf structure that stands out from other flowering plants.

These flowering plants are excellent for decorating corners of a commercial space like a retail store due to its drooping clusters. The plant is similar to lily of the valley with its white flowers. The leaves emerge as orange bronze but they change their shades to glossy dark green upon maturity.

Korean Spice Viburnum

The Korean spice viburnum has stunning qualities that make it perfect for landscaping any commercial property. The clusters of flowers have a pink shade to them as they open bright and white in early days of spring. The flowers have a very distinct scent with a spicy but sweet aroma. In the fall, they can transform a commercial property by their unique color combination of orange and red shades.

Landscaping is essential for commercial properties because it adds to the overall ambiance of the property. Creative landscape management services will be able to suggest plants with similar impact if these flowering shrubs are not able to be used in your region. Whatever you choose, look for plants to help your property stand out from the rest of the properties around yours.


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