2018 Interns Thrive in Their New Career!


I’d like to introduce you to four 2018 Interns who are now employed in various positions at different locations. Read what they have to say about their time as interns at Yellowstone Landscape, and how their experiences helped them grow into their full-time position.

  • Paula, a University of Florida grad, returned to Yellowstone Landscape in January as an Assistant Account Manager in Sarasota, FL and was promoted four months later to a Business Development Manager! She loves working with her team and potential clients.  She enjoys generating hype about Yellowstone with new clients and sharing her passion and knowledge of plant management with many people.  Paula’s intern experience was very different from her current job.  In her internship she focused on the horticultural environment and maintenance which set the foundation for her success in sales. She explained, “You can’t sell a service if you don’t know it!”  Now, she can share with confidence what we offer, in the area of landscape management services to her clients. 
  • Ryan, from Sam Houston State University, is currently a National Accounts Manager and based in Orlando FL. He started with us as an Assistant Account Manager right after completing his internship last July.  He works side by side with Mark Smith, Senior Account Manager, helping him run his book of business, but has recently taken on more responsibility with his promotion.  He absolutely loves his job and the opportunity to learn and grow from a great team daily.  The cool thing about his job is the travel and the exposure of working with all our branches. He sees meeting and interacting with everyone in our company as a definite benefit!  Ryan’s intern experience in design, maintenance and irrigation was key for him to take the next steps and be ready for the responsibility of a full-time position.  The exposure to every working part of what we do laid the foundation for success!
  • Gladys also from Sam Houston State University, came on board in June and returned to the North Houston Branch where it is like returning home to family! As an Intern she learned about maintenance, scheduling and planning small enhancements.  Now, as an Assistant Account Manager, she is doing that on her own.  Her greatest challenge so far is switching to the role of manager and supervising the guys on the crews who taught her last summer.   Gladys continues to learn every day and loves her job.
  • Colby, a graduate of Clemson University, is at our Charleston Branch and is off to a great start, applying everything he learned during his internship to his new position as a Landscape Superintendant! Colby loves where he is at, and still has much to learn from the team.  He believes, “being an Intern with Yellowstone Landscape” was the best experience he ever had and there are great things ahead for him!

You can see these interns are excited to be back at Yellowstone Landscape. As these four former Interns apply their prior experience to their work today, they believe they are in the best place to give them what they are searching for in a career. They also believe the “close-knit” family feel this company gives cannot be found anywhere else! For me, as an Intern right now, it is amazing to see how they have thrived and continue to grow their careers.

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