Whitley Place HOA

Dallas, TX
Client Type:
Community Associations
Landscape Enhancements, Irrigation & Water Management, Landscape Maintenance

Case studies are always a great opportunity to provide real-life examples of the results that commercial landscaping companies often talk about achieving for their clients (and potential clients). Naturally, when selecting “case study material,” most companies tend to choose finished projects that they’re proud of.

That’s the formula that most companies, including us, usually follow. In fact, at Yellowstone Landscape, we’re just as proud of our Portfolio of work as any other firm.

However, we wanted to do something a little bit different and choose a commercial landscaping maintenance project that, at the time of publication (October 2020), we have only recently begun servicing the community’s landscape. Although it’s not quite in its optimal condition yet, it’s definitely on the way there, thanks to the careful planning of our Dallas landscape maintenance service team.

But most importantly, we think it presents an opportunity to show what the “startup process” looks like. So often, when it comes to HOA landscaping, we’re stepping in where another company has fallen short. It’s not only what we do during those initial months but also how we do it that matters.

By choosing this HOA landscaping project in Dallas, TX, we’re able to show what the first 90-days of starting up a new project looks like and how we can start to make an immediate impact. Of course, a great looking lawn and landscape don’t happen overnight, so we’ll be very honest in saying that some of the changes we’re expecting to see for this community won’t be fully visible until the spring of 2021.

Let’s take a closer look at how we began handling the landscaping at Whitley Place, an upscale HOA in the Dallas, TX area.

Addressing Concerns in HOA Landscaping

Coming into this project, right off the bat there were some concerns that were presented to us. The root of the problem stemmed from the fact that this HOA had hired a local commercial landscaping company who ultimately turned out to be too small to handle the size and scope of everything involved on this property.

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