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These days, more than ever, people are looking for ways to spend time outdoors. While many have always appreciated the opportunity to spend time outside—beyond the enjoyment factor, the COVID-19 pandemic created more of a need, too. 

As a result, many colleges have looked for ways to beautify their campuses so that students can spend more time outside. In fact, we’ve seen many institutions even hosting classes outside, creating a real need for both beautiful and functional spaces on their campuses.

The State College of Florida, Bradenton campus is a great example of this. With the pandemic changing many peoples’ way of thinking, enhanced outdoor spaces have become a significant agenda item. The State College of Florida, Bradenton was looking for several campus improvement projects but did not have the time or expertise to complete them internally. 

Instead, they turned to Yellowstone Landscape as a valued partner. They are a wonderful example of the ways in which a partnership between a trusted commercial landscape company and a college campus or other in-person learning institution can achieve important goals that set these physical locations up for success going forward in this new era.

Commercial Landscaping Enhancements that get Noticed

There are a couple of key reasons why commercial landscaping is suddenly more important than ever, particularly at college campuses across the country. We saw both of these scenarios arise at State College of Florida, Bradenton, and think they are a great example of what’s to come at many institutions across the country.

Let’s look at the reasons why commercial landscaping is so vital right now (and quite certainly for years to come).

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