What is IPM and How Does it Benefit Your Commercial Landscape?


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process to manage pest problems, while reducing risks to people and the environment. IPM is used to eliminate all types of pests, in agriculture, urban, natural, and wildland areas. IPM is based on a strategy that aims for the long-term elimination of pests and their potential for landscape damage, through a variety of techniques such as habitat manipulation, biological control, planting of pest-resistant varieties, and use of a modification of cultural practices to secure your commercial landscape.


In many states, pest control as a component of comprehensive landscape maintenance means keeping an eye out for things such as grubs, Japanese beetles, and the emerald ash borer.

IPM addresses pest problems in plants, turfgrass, and trees through understanding the life cycles of pests, the amount of economic and horticultural damage they can cause, and when they are most vulnerable to controls.

Benefits of IPM

The benefits of IPM for commercial properties are broad and more far reaching than many people realize. Yes, IPM minimizes the costs involved in dealing with severe pest infestations. But the real benefit may be that it offers a solution based on your property’s specific needs and concerns for landscape maintenance, it results in a safer and healthier environment.

Especially vulnerable during a pest infestation are people suffering from asthma and allergies. Pests such as dust mites, rodents, and cockroaches can pose serious problems to these allergies. By minimizing the likelihood of infestations, IPM helps protect people’s quality of life. A commercial landscaping company that provides IPM services to their clients will not only protect their landscape but can protect their health, too.

IPM often requires a labor-intensive, and committed effort to mitigate pest problems. It relies on expertise and constant monitoring and adjustments, but it will provide a long-term solution. IPM is necessary for effective landscape maintenance, as the only real defense against the risk of pest damage ruining your property’s beautiful landscape.

Yellowstone’s Landscape proudly offers expertly administered IPM services to our clients to help protect their commercial landscapes and properties. Connect with us for more information.  


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