Want a Successful Summer Landscape? Here’s How.


You want to maintain a healthy and inviting commercial property, even through the heat of the summer. And you want to present a professional image to tenants, visitors and employees, even when the thermometer is pushing triple digits.

Whether you manage a corporate campus, a commercial office property, or even a hotel or resort, it’s important to keep your trees, plants and turf looking their best.

Here are a few things you can do to insure a successful commercial landscape this summer:



Seasonal Cleanups

Just as important as it is to regularly clean your house to keep it tidy, it’s equally important to have your landscape service provider perform a seasonal cleanup of your commercial property’s landscape. Routine cleanups ensure that the landscape is cleared of debris - keeping the landscape pristine and healthy.

Scheduling a seasonal cleanup will also maintain the best possible look for your commercial landscape.

Take a look at our other blog post, “ Top Cleanup Services to Include in your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract” for a more comprehensive look at essential services that should be included in your regular landscape cleanup routine.

Turf Replacement & Maintenance

Turf aeration helps keep the soil underneath from compacting - which will keep roots healthy and help the soil retain it’s moisture throughout the summer.

It is also recommended to overseed your turf during this maintenance to fill any in patchy spots to keep your grass looking full and lush throughout the summer season.


Pest & Disease Control

When it comes to landscaping, the aesthetic aspect is generally given more attention than caring for the overall health of the landscape. Your property is an ecosystem that includes many different bugs, fungi and pests both big and small.

A trained professional will be able to identify any potential issues before long-term damage occurs on the property. They will help you decide whether it’s necessary to take action to treat pests or diseases, or whether the issue is something you should allow to clear up through more natural processes.


Let Us Set Your Property Up For Success

Your landscape is a major investment. It plays a huge part in presenting a professional image for your commercial property. And it takes the training and experience of a Landscape Professional to identify issues and set your commercial landscape up for success.

Contact our team at Yellowstone Landscape for a consultation with one of our landscape pros to get started!


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