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This guest post was written by Sammie, about her intern experience with us this summer. 

Since beginning my internship at the Yellowstone Landscape Raleigh Branch, my eyes have been opened to an entirely different field in the world of plants. I no longer drive into my neighborhood or a shopping center without eyeing the Crepe Myrtles and inspecting the shrubs to see if any pruning is necessary.  I see annuals around the Bank of America sign and wonder when they were last watered properly.  Yellowstone Landscape has allowed me to gain a new perspective and appreciation for plants and their place in everyday life.  As much as science comes into play, the aesthetic quality and presentation of these grasses and shrubs is key in maintaining a successful landscape.  I have had the opportunity to take a full survey of this company and be involved in all aspects, both in and out of the office and have learned, no piece of the puzzle goes unnoticed.

One learning experience that continues to stick with me would be the day I spent with our head of irrigation, Raul.  We started out early in the truck and drove a quiet hour to Greensboro.  After an arduous morning in the field, running an irrigation audit, we planned to install a new irrigation system at one of our other properties.  The heat of the sun was unforgiving and the pain in my back was present all day.  We crouched down to remove the existing system and began to individually screw in all 24 wires which connect to their own zone.  Once we turned the system on, Raul realized he had never worked with a system as electronically advanced as this one and I was asked to take the lead.  I began maneuvering through the device and searching to figure out how to set the timers and frequencies for each zone.  I eventually was able to navigate through the system and set each sol properly per the client’s request.  We ran the system again and it performed flawlessly!

This day was particularly satisfying as it gave me the opportunity to tackle a problem that even my superior was not prepared for.  I was motivated to fix this system to achieve the desired results.  The Yellowstone team gave me the opportunity to learn and be challenged in a leadership position.  I felt confident solving the issue and supported by my Mentor to explore the problem, rather than see it as a roadblock.  This is a lesson that I will value in my work, as well as all facets of my life.  Each day I come to work eager to see what new learning opportunities lie ahead!

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