Top 5 Fall Flowers to Plant in the South


Spring and summer are when we usually think of the boldest, showiest, and brightest blooms, but you don’t have to let the beauty of your property slow down during the fall season. Some lesser known, late-blooming fall flowers will surprise you with their stunning array of jewel tones. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your fall flower selections, talk with your commercial landscape maintenance company and ask for somer guidance on landscape maintenance tips for the coming season. Planting isn't just an activity reserved for the Spring! Take a look at this list of five flowers that flourish in the South to consider planting this fall:



There is a reason why these perennials are a favorite: Their bold blue, purple, and pink flowers normally bright yellow in the center offers a very beautiful and dynamic contrast to the autumn foliage. Aster are proven performers available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Asters grow best under full sun and well-drained, sandy or silty soil. If you’re looking to add to your landscape maintenance plan before the fall, consider this beautiful aster to magnify the beauty of your landscape.



The Cone Flower

There are many Echinacea species varieties available for commercial property landscapes, but the coneflower, which is commonly seen in purple, but also available in different colors, is the most popular among all. Not only do these flowers attract beautiful butterflies and bees, they’re a vibrant addition to your commercial property as well. They are sturdy flowers that flourish best under at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day in neutral soil, making the cone flower a wonderful addition to your fall Landscape maintenance plan.




From spring to fall, the coreopsis flower, is a plant that is easy to maintain, whose red, purple, yellow, or orange flowers will attract stunning butterflies to almost any garden or landscape. Once it has finished flourishing, the seed heads will attract birds to your property, as well. Coreopsis still has the ability to grow well in less than ideal conditions— poor soil areas like roadsides, ditches and open fields where these flowers compete with other plants for nutrient resources. They prefer as much sunlight as possible.



pink sedum

Pink Sedum 

This plant is also known as Autumn Joy, and it is a perfect match for your commercial landscape during the fall season. It is one of the best known types of sedums, and once they are planted, they require minimal care and maintenance. They grow best under full sunlight, but could also tolerate partial sunlight. Many commercial landscape maintenance companies like to use the low growing sedum as groundcover, while the taller varieties can be used for annual bed borders.



Helenium Sneezeweed

While the name may sound scary to someone with allergies issues, this brownish to bright yellow beautiful flower will contribute to your landscape wonderfully. It is traditionally known as the “sneezeweed” is due to its ancient use to help sneezing and to rid the body of evil spirits. Helenium flowers thrive under full sun and rich, moist soil.


At Yellowstone Landscape, we’re committed to excellence in commercial landscaping. We’re available in every season for your landscape needs. If you are looking for a commercial landscaping maintenance company to provide guidance on your property’s landscape, please contact us today.

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