Tampa Intern Combines Past and Current Experiences to Gain Unique Results!


This guest post was written by Kristina, about her intern experience with us this summer. 

This spring, I finished my junior year as a Plant Science student specializing in Landscape and Nursery Horticulture at the University of Florida. I spent my previous years jumping around the plant science fields going from ethnobotanical research to organic agriculture to ornamental production. In my quest of finding what I want to do in the green industry, I’ve learned a lot from my experiences as well as the people I’ve encountered along the way. While I tried various horticultural areas I’ve always had a love for design and art; painting on the side, using my skills in Illustrator and Photoshop to make flyers, and even designing a landscape. It was after I designed a landscape on campus I realized I could combine my two loves, plants and art, to pursue a field I think I was always searching for - Landscape Design.

 In my opinion, to be the best in your field you need to understand the entire scope of what you do as well as the fields that support your work. Narrow-mindedness does not get you far in life or your career. I realized I needed to do what I have always done from the start of my college career, dive head first into what I want to pursue. I wanted to start with a solid foundation of information and find out what keeps good designs looking good, that being landscape maintenance.

This is why I chose to intern with Yellowstone Landscape. They shared my thinking, that knowledge in a variety of areas makes you better at what you do. By working at the Tampa branch, I learned how to trim hedges perfectly level with Crew Leader Carl’s expert advice. I know how to fix gushing pipes thanks to Rich, our Irrigation Manager. I also know how to treat palms infected with phytoplasma disease because of Kevin, our Horticulture Specialist. I’ve pulled and installed pulleys, belts, and seals on machinery with help from Raymond, our Mechanic. I can now develop proposals and bids thanks to Account Manager Chad. I learned how to make the best of a situation and improvise while working with my Mentor, Scott. All these things I learned from the people I’ve met and worked with, they have expanded my knowledge base and made work all the more fun!

Interning at Yellowstone Landscape has expanded my view on career opportunities in horticulture. For example, by using my design knowledge and applying it to my intern project I created an annuals catalog which will benefit both our Account Managers and clients. After receiving feedback, I learned that adding this skillset would benefit me if I decided to pursue the marketing field. This brings me to my take away; no matter how different your past experiences are from your current ones, applying the unique knowledge and skills you’ve gained, can bring about unique results. It will make you more competitive in the job market and provide irreplaceable skills towards your career. 

It all starts with learning as much as you can. Thanks to my friends and colleagues at the Tampa branch, I’ve learned key industry skills along with tangible experiences to navigate the workplace. I am grateful for the support and patience everyone has shown!


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