Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe


Keeping your commercial property safe for employees, tenants and visitors is always a concern for property managers. Many don’t realize how landscaping can play an important role in risk management. If areas of your landscape are inadequately or improperly maintained, it can create safety hazards on your commercial property’s roads, walking paths and entry points.

Failure to resolve these issues can result in more serious liability problems for your property.

Here are three tips to consider to keep your commercial property safe:


Identify Walkways & Keep Paths Clear

One of the safest and most effective ways to direct pedestrian traffic on your property is to place shrubs along walkways, making it clear for visitors to identify the correct paths to where they need to go.

This path should be clear of low-hanging limbs, thorn-bearing or overgrown shrubs, or any tripping hazards including plant stumps, uneven walkways, broken or stuck irrigation heads and pot holes.

A properly designed landscape will provide visitors and employees at your property a clear line of site, necessary for ensuring that their visit remains a safe one.

Keep Property Well-Lit During Night Hours

It is imperative to keep your commercial property, especially walkways, roadways, parking lots and entrance areas, well-lit for visitors and patrons, navigating the area during the night hours. Keeping the property well-lit will prevent injuries from trips and falls, and help visitors get to their destination safely. Be sure to schedule regular inspections of your lighting and make certain any repairs are completed quickly to avoid nighttime accidents on your property.

Damaged Trees

Trees with damage to their trunks, damaged roots or bare branches presents a potential safety hazard on your commercial property and should regularly be assessed by a professional Arborist.

Many property managers fail to include regularly scheduled tree care in their property’s landscape budget, preferring instead to wait until it becomes a bigger issue, which many times, is too late. Damaged trees, not properly addressed, become dangerous hazards to visitors and property, especially during storms and severe weather events.

Schedule an Inspection

We can help you identify the safety issues in your property’s landscape that could lead to greater risk down the road. Don’t wait until the last minute— contact our team at Yellowstone Landscape to schedule a landscape consultation today.



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