Houston Construction Intern Builds Technical and Professional Skills!


This guest post was written by Zach, about his intern experience with us this summer.

I am a junior at Mississippi State University majoring in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting. When I was introduced to Yellowstone Landscape by a professor, I was excited about interning at a company with an outstanding reputation. After communicating with their recruiter, Lisa Hall, and learning about the diverse opportunities available, I knew I had to intern at Yellowstone Landscape. Lisa helped with my transition into the program and was there from beginning to end. She is a huge influence in the program and helps interns in any way she can.

I came to Yellowstone Landscape with a reasonable amount of experience. I learned how to use various pieces of equipment and machinery working for four small landscape businesses. I developed communication and “people” skills as a server in a restaurant. Given my background I felt I had a good base to be successful in the landscape industry, but I was still nervous to be a part of a large company.

During my time at the Houston Central Branch I worked with two Mentors who each had a project that I would oversee. My first Mentor, Sam, is an Estimator and through trial and error helped me understand and build job estimations. I learned about pricing materials, calculating labor hours, and how much the company needed to make to be profitable. Midway through my internship I was placed with Jose, a Project Manager. Working with Jose, I learned how to manage crews, and install drain systems, irrigation, and trees. I felt a great sense of accomplishment after using the skills I learned in and out of the classroom to perform tasks for Yellowstone Landscape.

This internship improved my skills in irrigation, design, management, estimating, and many more. Not only did I improve my skills in the field, but I improved professional skills as well. It was gratifying to see jobs that I helped estimate and develop be built to completion. I was welcomed into the company with open arms, and will always appreciate the many opportunities provided during my internship, where everyone aided in my success!

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