Fall Clean-Up Tasks for Your Commercial Landscape


Stray leaves on the ground mean that the fall season is upon us. Those first leaves remind us that it’s time to start planning for fall clean-ups and to prepare for the unique landscape maintenance needs of the coming winter.

Many commercial property managers associate fall clean-up with collecting and blowing leaves, and this is certainly a major part of the job. But an in-depth fall cleanup plan includes plant protection, pruning, and cleaning leaves of debris from drainage areas. It’s also imperative to apply pre-emergent herbicides in order to stop weed seed germination while temperatures are still normal.

Ultimately, typical fall clean-ups prepare and organize your commercial property for a healthy and strong revitalization as the temperatures drop into the winter. You can get ready for fall clean-up by understanding what to expect from your commercial landscaping company.


Cut Perennial Grasses

Perennial grasses can be more the 3 feet tall and have the ability to create a mess on your property in windy and winter conditions. These grasses can also take a beating with the thaw and freeze. Snow also adds extra weight to these grasses, creating more stress on the plant. The grasses are dormant in winter; so cutting back perennials provides a neat look, plus, it helps maintain the health of your property’s turf. During the spring season, your perennials will grow again and quickly reach the height and volume just like the previous year.



Remove the Leaves

Efficiently removing the leaves from your property offers a neat and tidy appearance. Your commercial landscape company should clean up the leaves on a regular basis to avoid large pileups. A proper landscape maintenance plan requires a normal cleanup of leaves after every 12-15 days. Normally, your contractor will offer a balance between providing a clean appearance and leaving some organic matter which benefits the health of your property’s soil. Leaves are actually a very good source of phosphorus to be introduced back into the soil.

It is also important to water newer trees and shrubs at least once a week during winter to allow adequate moisture. If you find yourself looking for a commercial landscaping company this fall, Yellowstone Landscape’s trained professionals are ready to help you in maintain your commercial property. Request a proposal today.




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